Yoga Happy families is a card game about Yoga and an educative game on the path of Yoga. You can learn and remember the name of Yoga postures in sanskript, the international tongue of Yoga.

Yoga happy families has been designed by a Yoga teacher for all those who teach or practise and help them to memorise the name in sanskript, the international tongue of Yoga, of Yoga poses. Knowing the sansccript name of the postures, and the various terms used in Yoga, although invaluable, proves to be a near impossible task for many a Yoga practitioner.

Happy Yoga Families card deck features 7 families of postures, or Asana, plus an eighth one, the Patanjali family, itself elaborated upon the relationship between human beings and the cosmos as enonciated by the great codifier of Yoga.

In addition, two jokers , Vishnu et Shiva complete and add a little spice to the game.

The 8 families

They appear in 20 languages, readable within the central circle .
( Standing poses, inversion, forward bends, sitting poses,
restorative poses, Patanjali . )

Front and back sides of "yoga happy families" box.

Front and back sides of  “yoga happy families” box.