Rules of the game

Rules of

 As codified by
Jean Marie Perre, 18 rue de l’Université 34000 Montpellier France


– A Happy families card game about Yoga.
– An educative game on the path of Yoga.
– A Yoga resources web site about Yoga.
– Learn and remember the name of Yoga postures in sanskript,
the international tongue of Yoga.

– Yoga happy families has been designed by a Yoga teacher forall those who teach or practise
and help them to memorise the name in sanskript, the international tongue of  Yoga,
 of Yoga poses. Knowing the sansccript name of the postures, and the various terms used in Yoga, although invaluable, proves to be a near impossible task for many a Yoga practitioner.

Happy Yoga Families card deck features 7 families of postures, or Asana,plus an eighth one,
the Patanjali family, itself elaborated upon the relationship between human beings and the cosmos as enonciated by the great codifier of Yoga.

In addition, two jokers , Vishnu et Shiva complete and add a little spice to the game.

The 8 families

They appear in 20 languages, readable within the central circle ( see diagram ).

– Standing poses.
– Inversions.
– Forward bends.
– Backbends.
– Sitting poses.
– Twists.
– Restorative poses.
– Patanjali.

The two jokers

SHIVA, Get ready for change.
VISHNU, protects and maintains.


Rules of the game

Yoga happy families is plaid according to the regular happy families card game,
with the adjunction of two jokers, Vishnu and Shiva.

– From 2 to 6 players.
– Shuffle the cards, and deal  6 cards, one by one, to each player.
– Put down the remaining cards as the pool.
– Going clockwise, the first player must try to complete the families
of which he holds a card.
– He can ask one player (only) for the card he wants: for example,
«from the standing poses family, I would like Utthita Trikonasana»…
– That player must then give away this card if he has it. If the first player
is successful, s/he can go on asking the player of his choice, and so on…
– If the answer is negative, the asker must pick up a card from the pile. If this card
matches the demand, the first player can go on. Otherwise it is the turn of the next player.

How to use the jokers, Visnu and Shiva.

Vishnu: In case of negative result, If the asker holds the joker card Vishnu, s/he can ask again to any player of his choice. The Vishnu card will have to be put into the pile, and the pile get shuffled again.

Shiva: When asked a card, if the player holds the joker card Shiva, s/he can steal the right to ask to any person. The Shiva card will have to be put into the pile, and the pile get shuffled again.

When a player completes a family and has no card left, he can pick up a card from the pile and goes on…

Withdraw both jokers when the pile runs out of cards.

The aim of the game is to complete as many families as possible…but at the end everybody wins.